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03 June 2006 @ 03:44 pm
I'm really bad at keeping up with my communities...

Anyway, to liven this community up a bit, why do you like your "sexy guy's" voice? Is it because it's soothing? Soft? Sexy? Purrific? Makes you go into an orgasm? What?

I think Billie Joe's voice is soo cute, what with the accent (when he sings). His speaking voice is just...err, well...XD Damn, I'm bad at explaining things. It's...manly, I guess you could say, but it's cuuute and fits his personality well (calm, serious, happy-go-lucky..). His singing voice is so soothing, calming...and well...yeah, I feel like I'm sucking up for some reason. xD

I also love Mark Hoppus's voice. It's so sexy and...err, adult, I guess, but at the same immature. It fits his personality, also.

So, what's your reason for loving your "sexy man"'s voice to no end?
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20 January 2006 @ 10:54 pm
Hello, I'm Minna, the creator of the community. Welcome to Sexy_Guy_Voices!

You'll occassionally see me spout in Hylian, or even whole journal entries. You'll get used to it pretty quick, I hope. It's in the English sentence structure, so don't worry!

Hmm, well, I got to go. I've got some fics to write!

Kinash! Ani de Minna, ali kahnal ke ali chakal. Tetchui dea Sexy_Guys_Ukene!

Tain soia siao fala ya bie kelle Hylian, maguy akuah rihnar tango aton. Tain soia bii fie dea mii miku hyan, ani bea. Mii ye kelle ali English amenjei waj, ije iste maff ka vamou!

Hmm, qell, ani no dea je. Ani zeu no lebeh jinjella dea omein!

[NOTE: The Hylian will always be italicized.]
20 January 2006 @ 09:30 pm
Hello, I'm Mewlon. I'm the first member to enter this community. Anyway, my favorite voice actor of all is Nobuyuki Hiyama. That sexy, sexy man is like the god of Japanese voice acting. Of course this is my opinion. I love the way he sings really softly and he did a super good job as Hiei, Link, Joe, Nightmare and many more characters.

Billie Joe is such a hottie. Yes, I"m a Greenday fan. I love Boulevard of Broken Dreams plus Basket Case. I do love Blink 182's vocals...but sadly they are no more. :( That makes me sad.

Jun Fukuyama is such a sexy man too. He has the voice of a prince. And Hikaru Midorikawa has a voice that only an angel would have. I'll try to find pictures of these wonderful men for all to enjoy.

One last thing: I love Nobuyuki Hiyama to death! <3
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